Live performance videos with Bob in them.

On my Youtube channel are a selection of videos from my solo shows.

30th May 2020: The complete livestream show, where I play bass and sing live, along to backing tracks of myself on drums, guitar, keyboards and backing vocals.

13 October 2019: Three songs from my solo show at Villa Litta Lainate, Italy.

With the Peter Blegvad Quintet: Hangman's Hill at Opera Underground, Lyon France 05/04/2019.
BD guitar, Chris Cutler drums, Peter Blegvad guitar/vocal, John Greaves bass, Karen Mantler organ.)

With the Blegvad Quartet: Just Woke Up at Cafe Oto, London, 09/02/2018.
BD guitar, Peter Blegvad guitar/vocals, Chris Cutler drums, John Greaves bass.

At the Dark Horse, Birmingham UK: The Strangeness of You from my solo tour in September 2017.

May 2016, Birmingham UK: Confuzzled Variety Show. One of my first solo performances.

In my furry form, I'm the drummer with The Multiverts. This video features three songs from our 2016 album, you'll see me in the last two.
BD: drums and vocals, Bing Selfish: guitar and lead vocals, Ray Hogan guitar and vocal, Andi Haller bass and vocals.

With The Capybaras, Union Chapel, London. Feb 22 2014. The entire show.
Bing Selfish: guitar, bass, vocals, Ray Hogan: bass, guitar and vocals, Caitlin Hogan guitar, keyboards and vocals, me on drums, Chris Cutler on tamborine,.and members of Frank Chickens doing this and that.

Clips from the Bob's Drive-In show which was recorded in May 2011 for the live section of my Bob's Drive-In album. Video playlist here.
BD guitar and vocal, Kavus Torabi guitar, David Kerman drums, David Campbell bass.

With VRIL:
BD: bass, Chris Cutler: drums, Lukas Simonis and Alan Jenkins: guitars.
Implacable Swordfish at les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, 02 Feb 2011.
Inexplicable Jar at les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, 02 Feb 2011.

Bob Drake's Cabinet of Curiosities: Videos from our 2007-2008 shows:
BD: guitar, vocals, David Campbell: bass, David Kerman: drums, Professor Lutra: keyboard, sax.
The Horrible Garden. My sister Sandy's shed, Watseka Illinois
The Cemetery Trees My sister Sandy's shed, Watseka Illinois.
Trashcan of Love My sister Sandy's shed, Watseka Illinois.
The Horrible Garden Mercury Cafe, Denver Colorado.
In The Tomb Eyedrum, Atlanta Georgia.
The Cloud FurFright furry convention, Waterbury, CT.

Beardog drums with Thinking Plague:
Lycanthrope, Rock in Opposition Festival, France 11-2012
Warheads , Rock in Opposition Festival, France 11-2012
Warheads (same concert as above, different video.)
Excerpt from Lycanthrope, Le Triton, Paris, 03-2008
Excerpt from Lycanthrope at Gouviea Art Rock Festival, Portugal 04-2008

Beardog plays bass:
With What's Wrong With Us, April 2, 2008, at l'Usine, Geneva Switzerland.

BD: bass and vocal, David Kerman: drums, Mike Johnson: guitar, Scott Brazieal: keyboards.
Opportunity Bangs 24th March 1995, Livello 57, Bologna Italy.
Eqqus 24th March 1995, Livello 57, Bologna Italy.
Roan 24th March 1995, Livello 57, Bologna Italy.

The EC Nudes
BD: bass, Amy Denio: accordeon and voice, Wadi Gysi: guitar, Chris Cutler: drums
Crystal Palace 26 March 1994, Bologna Italy.
Salvatore 26 March 1994, Bologna Italy.

BD: bass, Susanne Lewis: guitar and voice, Bill Gilonis: guitar, Chris Cutler drums.
Destroyer 2 February 1993, Alte Montecchio Italy.
My Friend Centro Sociale Clinamen, Rovereto Italy, 17 February 1993.

Thinking Plague live in 1987, Stage West, Denver Colorado.
BD: bass, Mike Johnson: guitar, Mark Fuller: drums, Susanne Lewis: vocals, Eric Moon and Lawrence Haugseth: keyboards.

The Fourth Grade: Lights Turn Blue 1987, Denver Colorado.
BD: bass, Mark Fuller: drums, Mark McCoin: keyboards, Dan Kenny: guitar and vocals

With Mau Mau 55: Mutiny on the Bounty. 1985-ish, Denver Colorado.
BD drums, Mike Savage vocals, Randy Walters guitar, Wolfgang synth bass.