Bob Drake: "The Shunned Country" 
2005 ReR Megacorp
Also available in N America from Wayside Music and Morphius Records.

It's the 6th of my solo albums One of the main ideas for this particular album was to satisfy my desire to make very short songs. (Believe me, IT DID.) The idea wasn't to "end a song before you get into it" as some have suggested, nor simply to bang out 20-second improvisations and call them songs, rather, since it seemed I'd always been headed in this direction anyway, to see if I could make a whole album's worth of songs as short as possible while concentrating on melody, proportion and form. And of course to be fun and entertaining as well! The album ended up with fifty-two tracks adding up to forty minutes, with many songs under thirty seconds duration and the occasional "epic" piece of two or three minutes. Includes several banjo-based songs (my first) and, obviously, carries on along the eldritch rural strangeness theme with which I seem to be so curiously at ease... It has a fat 24 page booklet full of beautiful paintings by the amazing and prolific Ray O'Bannon, including the cover seen here.

Excerpt 1: 4 complete songs:

Excerpt 2: 4 more complete songs: