Albums by Vril

Effigies In Cork 2003 ReR Megacorp

An album of instrumental guitar tunes performed by Lukas Simonis on guitar, me on bass, guitar and occasional organ, and Chris Cutler on drums. I had noticed when working with Lukas in the past that he was very good at coming up with almost surf-like, twangy guitar melodies, so I proposed to Lukas and Chris to make a "twangy guitar instrumental" album, but without attempting to be nostalgic or "retro". They both loved the idea, so we decided we'd get together here in the studio, Lukas would bring along many musical fragments and ideas, nothing complete, the group would make the arrangements together and immediately record the basic trio live in the studio while still fresh, with Lukas and I overdubbing the melodies afterward. It worked out well and was lots of fun. Frank Key came up with the song titles, the cover and booklet art, and wrote "extensive liner notes"...

Bloated Janitor:

Freakish Tarpaulin:

The Fatal Duckpond 2009 ReR Megacorp

This time it's a quartet: me on bass and guitars, Chris Cutler drumming, Lukas Simonis on guitars, and new member Pierre Omer on guitars. As with the first album, the group made the arrangements together and recorded the basic quartet live in the studio, adding the occasional overdub as desired. Once again the song titles and liner notes are by Frank Key.

Albino Hen Coop:

Enter Pabstus Tack