Venus Handcuffs
1986. Released on CD in 2005, Available from ReR

Susanne Lewis and I recorded this in 1985 with dilapidated, decaying equipment in an abandoned yogurt factory in what was then a crumbling, neglected area of Downtown Denver. In the liner notes of the CD, you'll find my exquisite description of the surroundings and situation...I also like the way Chris Cutler describes this album: "it sounds like a spirit photograph." Originally released in 1986 on a hard-to-find but poor quality vinyl edition, I mastered this CD in 2005 from the original cassettes on which I had mixed it.

Susanne Lewis: guitars, vocals, accordion, Mellotron, Orchestron, synthesiser, viola.
Bob Drake: bass, percussion, trash, viola, voice, engineering.


Dear Dear: