Albums by The Science Group

...a mere coincidence" 1999 ReR Megacorp
At the heart of The Science Group is composer/keyboardist Stevan Tickmayer, lyricist/drummer Chris Cutler, and myself on bass, guitars, and some drumming. Also features the fab Fred Frith on guitar, Amy Denio and myself are the singers, and Claudio Puntin plays bass clarinet.

Napoleon in Schroedinger's Box

Spoors 2003 ReR Megacorp
Our second album is all instrumental, features once again composer/keyboardist Stevan Tickmayer, Chris Cutler drumming, me on bass and a bit of this and that (I drummed on one song, played guitar here and there and a bit of organ), and Mike Johnson on guitar.
The Dance Of The Arguments:

Niska Banja: