Albums by Hail.

Susanne Lewis, Bob Drake, 2007.

Turn of the Screw
1990 ReR

The first official Hail album, Susanne Lewis on guitars, vocals, keyboards, violin, etc, and myself engineering and playing drums, bass, keyboards, and whatever happened to be around. Recorded in the late 80's on borrowed tape machines and Radio Shack microphones...I still love every minute of it! Cameo appearances by Ron Miles, Epic Soundtracks, Faon Lewis, Mike Johnson, and some hyenas.

We'd actually done a previous album in 1988: Gypsy Cat and Gypsy Bird (named for Susanne's pets, both called "Gypsy"!) which had a limited release on vinyl and long out of print, so we used a few of our favorite tracks from that album on Turn Of The Screw.

Burlesque Egg:

Another Day:

1992 ReR

Recorded between 1991-92, our pal David Kerman drums on six of the album's twelve tracks. The rest is, as usual, Susanne and myself doing everything. Recorded partially at the little studio in Glendale California (where I also recorded 5uu's Hunger's Teeth and my first solo album) and at my then home in Burbank. Chris Cutler and Bill Gilonis also play on one song which we recorded during a break on our 1992 European tour. The album's title, Kirk, does indeed refer perhaps I.... shouldn't.... spoil the mystery...



Hello Debris
2007 ReR

Here's the third Hail album, recorded here at my home in France. Susanne plays a lot of keyboards on this one, along with her usual guitar and singing, and as usual I'm on the drums and bass, rubbish bins, etc.

The Poets:

In Memory of an All-Girl Band 1925: