Albums by AA Kismet

Where's the Rest of me?" 1999
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AA Kismet was spawned when guitarist/songwriter Lukas Simonis asked me if I'd like to do a group with him. I was happy to do so, and this is the first of the two albums we made under the AA Kismet name. Joined by drummer Cor Hoogerdijk and vocalist Eveline Ketterings, Lukas played guitars, I played bass, guitar and violin, and we all did some singing. The basic trio of drums, bass, and guitar was recorded live in a small room at my studio, it was a lot of fun and I think the excitement comes through in the recording. Guests Frans Friederich and Marcel Aertsen added the occasional horns.

"What's the use of crying when the wolves have arrived?" 2001
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The second and final AA Kismet album, this time it's just me and Lukas Simonis playing and singing everything, with the occasional guest visitor: vocalist Phoebe Jeebe sings on one track, David Kerman drums on 2 songs, Pierre Bastien plays trumpet on another, and Deborah Perry from Thinking Plague was here for a visit while we were recording the album so we convinced her to read one of Lukas' distressing little stories called "How I Lost my Leg"...