The two 5uu's albums on which I was a participant.

L-R: Bob, Sanjay, Dave, 1995.

Hunger's Teeth  1994 ReR Megacorp
Hungers Teeth cover
The first of the two albums by the Kerman/Kumar/Drake incarnation of 5uu's, recorded in 1991-92. Tom Dimuzio contributed by sending tapes of electronic and computer generated sounds which we used here and there throughout the album, and Susanne Lewis sings on two songs. Recorded at a tiny studio in Glendale, California, and on a borrowed 4-track reel-to-reel at my then home in Burbank. This, along with my first solo album which I was recording during the same period, is the first time I tried to be "the lead singer", so I personally find the singing almost unbearably awkward but I won't spoil your fun by telling you that will I.

BD: bass, guitar, vocals, violin, engineering.
David Kerman: drums etc.
Sanjay Kumar: keyboards etc.

Well, Not Chickenshit:

Opportunity Bangs::

Crisis in Clay  1998 ReR Megacorp

The second of the two albums by the Kerman/Kumar/Drake trio, with Tom Dimuzio once again contributing with tapes of electronic/computer generated sounds. Recorded in the house in France where I still live, except back then it was mostly empty and dilapidated - my favorite kind of space to record in! Minimal recording gear: two Alesis ADATs, a 16-channel Russian mixing desk, a handful of microphones borrowed from sound engineer Maggie Thomas, and a Behringer stereo compressor. Compared to Hunger's Teeth, this album has a heavier and more consistent sound, as it was mostly recorded during one relatively short, concentrated period in 1994. Sounds great, though again I find the vocals hard to listen to, but that's because I knew I was still trying to figure out how to sing so I won't tell you that will I.

BD: bass, guitar, vocals, violin, engineering.
David Kerman: drums, keyboards, guitar
Sanjay Kumar: keyboards

The Encounter:

Goliath in the Sights: