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My solo albums
This takes you to my personal official Bandcamp page (not that one that LOOKS like it's mine) for streaming and download, and unlike that other page, includes all album artwork in high resolution, the lyrics, credits, extras, etc. Albums which are also on CD are available from Recommended Records or your favourite distributor of ReR titles.

Stupid midi tunes
I get a kick out of making these and will add more as they come along. You can even download the .mid files and hope they sound even more stupid on your own device.

Lawn Ornaments multitrack dissection: I don't keep multi-track projects of my own albums, but accidentally found some from my Lawn Ornaments album and thought it would be fun to have a look, so I did so in a livestream. Part One, Part Two, and Part 3

Some albums I've done with others
as a group member as well as engineering/mixing:

Bing Selfish and The Multiverts
AA Kismet
The Capybaras
The Science Group
Thinking Plague
Venus Handcuffs
Swear I Saw Your Mouth Move by I've Made Too Much Pasta.
I played most of the drums and bass, some guitar, organ and harmony vocals, and mixed it.

Audio Archive NOTE 30/09/21: currently offline for maintainance
A lot of my otherwise unreleased recordings.

of me me me LIVE throught the ages.

Attempt at a Discography
I'm afraid I've neglected to update this since since 2011, but it gives you some idea...

Live videos
Videos featuring yrs truly on youtube etc.

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