Bob Drake: "The Gardens of Beastley Manor" 
2019 ReR Megacorp

This, my 11th solo album, is also my first album of entirely through-composed instrumentals. The main instruments are piano, Farfisa organ, banjo, bass and guitars, various percussion, also handbells, recorders, trumpet and trombone, a few notes on violin, and I finally put my old Korg MS20 monophonic synthesizer, which I haven't used since the early 90's, to good use as one of the album's main melodic voices.

The cover painting by Peter Blegvad is also included as a 4-panel fold-out in the CD box, and as a large jpg in the download version.

Download is available on my personal Bandcamp page, and the CD is available from ReR and your favourite distributor of ReR titles.