Bob Drake's discography.

I'm afraid I've neglected to update this since since 2011, and I'm sure I've forgotten plenty of one-off things from the '80s, but it gives you some of these rainy days I'll think about getting back to it, adding some detail, etc...

There are a few cassettes around, one day I'll dig 'em up. Meanwhile we'll move on to the 1980's:

Crank Call Love Affair: What's Wrong Yvette?
Spray Pals: Happy Go Lucky
Geoffrey Landers: The Ever Decimal Pulse
Endgame: Nothingness
Susan and God: Fluffy Goes to Hollywood
Young Weasels: Happy Feathers
Your Funeral: I Wanna Be You

Jeri Cain Rossi: I Left My Heart But I Don't Know Where
Geoffrey Landers: Habitual Features

Thinking Plague: ...a Thinking Plague
Mau Mau 55: Mau Mau 55
Corpses as Bedmates: Babaa & Scheibel=69

Corpses as Bedmates: Halo
Mau Mau 55: In The Trenches

Bruce Odland Big Band: Crossover
Ron Miles: Distance For Safety
Corpses as Bedmates: Venus Handcuffs
Cage of Reason: Shoving The Fork In The Ground

Mind Killer (Film)
Night Vision (Film)
Thinking Plague: Moonsongs

Lone Wolf (Film)
The Fluid: Clear Black Paper
Hail: Gypsy Cat and Gypsy Bird

Kim Stone: Earth School
Thinking Plague: In This Life

U-Totem: U-Totem Cuneiform Records 1990.
MC Smooth: Smooth & Legit Crush Music 1990.
Calypso Rose: Soul On Fire Strakers 1990.
Ice Cube: AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted Priority Records 1990.
Hail: Turn Of The Screw ReR 1990.
Everlast: Forever Everlasting, Warner Archives 1990.
Bruce Odland: Leaving Eden, Arcadian Records 1991.
Boyz 'n the Hood: Film Soundtrack, 1991.
Charo: Guitar Passion, 1991.
Latin Alliance: Latin Alliance, Virgin Records America, Inc. 1991.
Winslow Crockwell: Follow The Way Of Your Heart, 1991? 92?
Duc Hoy: The Best of Duc Hoy - 1992 (?)
The College Boyz: Radio Fusion Radio, Atlantic Records 1992.
MC Jr Cas: Born 2 Flow, 1992.
Hail: Kirk, ReR Megacorp 1992.
Yoyo: Black Pearl, 1992.
Emmett North Jr.: I'll Never Let You Go - 1992.
Jim Witzel: Give & Take, Joplin & Sweeney 1992.
5UUs: Hunger's Teeth, ReR Megacorp 1994.
Bob Drake: What Day Is It? Self-released, 1994.
The (EC) Nudes: Vanishing Point, ReR Megacorp 1994.
The ReR Quarterly Volume 4 Number 1, ReR Megacorp 1994.
Cleee: Hello Hello Hello, 1995.
Otolithen: Otolithen, MF Records 1995.
Cal Bennett: A Stolen Moment, 1996.
Peter Blegvad: Just Woke Up, ReR Megacorp 1996.
Kampec Dolores: Zúgó - Rapid, Bahia Music 1996.
So Nicht: Boop, 1997.
Dull Schicksall: Ambush, AMF Records 1997.
5UUs: Crisis In Clay, ReR Megacorp 1997.
Steve MacLean: Opposite Of War, ReR Megacorp 1997.
N.O.R.M.A.: L' Arpa e L'Asino, ReR Megacorp 1997.
Otolihen: SOD, Cuneiform Records 1997.
Mauro Franceschi Band: Mauro Franceschi Band, 1997.
Vakki Plakkula: Una Barca, Angelica 1998.
Peter Blegvad, Hangman's Hill, ReR Megacorp 1998.
Bob Drake: Little Black Train, ReR Megacorp 1998.
Ossatura & Tim Hodgkinson: Dentro, ReR Megacorp 1998.
Peter Blegvad: Hangman's Hill, ReR Megacorp 1998.
Thinking Plague: In Extremis, Cuneiform Records 1998.
Jason DuMars: Singularity, self-released 1998.
Positive Nuns: The Bible II, 1999.
AA Kismet: Where's the rest of me? ADM Records 1999.
Bob Drake: Medallion Animal Carpet, ReR Megacorp 1999.
The Science Group: A Mere Coincidence, ReR Megacorp 1999.
Enhanced Gravity: Absolute Gravity, Yucca Tree Records 1999.
Jason Kahn: Drums and Metals, Cut 1999.
Jason Kahn: Select Dialect, Cut 1999.
Jason Kahn: Analogues, Cut 1999.
Fred Frith/Chris Cutler: 2 Gentlemen In Verona, ReR Megacorp 2000.
Thinking Plague: Early Plague Years, Cuneiform Records 2000.
Faust: The Wümme Years 1970-73 (5xCD Box) ReR Megacorp 2000.
Faust: BBC Sessions +, ReR Megacorp 2001.
Steve Buchanan: Tiny Grimes, Hanan 2001.
Jason Kahn: Plurabelle, Cut 2001.
AA Kismet: What's the Use of Crying When the Wolves Have Arrived? Z6 Records 2001.
Bob Drake: The Skull Mailbox and Other Horrors, ReR Megacorp 2001.
Hamster Theatre: Carnival Detournement, Cuneiform Records, 2001.
The Dead Brothers: Day Of The Dead, Voodoo Rhythm 2002.
Chris Cutler/Tom DiMuzio: Dust, ReR Megacorp 2002.
Think Of One: Naft 2, Zonk Records 2002.
Coolhaven: Blue Mustache, 2002.
Dick El Demasiado: No Nos Dejamos Afeitar, Tomenota Records 2002.
Chris Cutler: Solo, ReR, 2002.
Best Before: 04/04/44, SMI, 2002.
Les Ormores: Aus Der Reihe, Z6 records 2002.
Les Collègues Pasha: Les Collègues Pasha, RecRecRecords, 2002.
Blast: Altrastrata, Cuneiform Records 2002.
Sotos: Platypus, Cuneirform Records 2002.
Dick El Demasiado: No Nos Dejamos Afeitar, Tomenota Records 2002.
NeBeLNeST: NoVa eXPReSS, Cuneiform Records 2002.
Fred Frith: Prints- Snapshots, Postcards, Messages And Miniatures. Fred Records 2002.
Jason Kahn: Pool, Cut 2003.
Dick El Demasiado: Pero Peinamos Gratis, Tomenota Records 2003.
Bob Drake: 13 Songs and a Thing, ReR Megacorp 2003.
Zoambo Zoet Workestrao: Svakoga Dana U Svakom Pogledu Sve Manje Nazadujem, Manufracture 2003.
The Science Group: Spoors, ReR Megacorp 2003.
The Homosexuals: The Homosexuals CD, ReR, 2003.
Art Bears: The Art Box, ReR Megacorp 2003.
Art Bears: Revisited, ReR Megacorp 2004.
What's Wrong With Us?: What's Wrong With Us? 2004.
Thinking Plague: Upon Both Your Houses, Nearfest Records 2004.
Slapp Happy: Desperate Straights, ReR Megacorp 2004.
Nikola Kodjobashia: Reveries of the Solitary Walker, ReR Megacorp, 2004.
Miriodor: Live at Nearfest, Cuneiform records 2005.
Vril: Effigies In Cork, ReR Megacorp 2005.
Woof 7 Inches, AdHoc Records, 2005.
(all albums re-mastered) Nimby: Songs For Adults, AdHoc Records 2005.
Dick El Demasiado: Al Perdido Ganado, Tomenota Records 2005.
Vialka: Curiosities Of Popular Customs, VIA 2005.
Bob Drake: The Shunned Country, ReR Megacorp 2005.
Lentin / Martignoni: Un Fils De Constantine, 2006.
Henry Cow: Henry Cow Concerts, ReR Megacorp 2006.
Zaar: Zaar, Cuneiform Records 2006.
Pamela's Parade: Shake Sharks, 2006.
Dead Brothers: Wunderkammer, 2006.
News From Babel: Complete Collection, ReR Megacorp, 2006.
Coolhaven: Strömblock Phantasieën, Taple Records 2006.
Buttercup Metal Polish: 50 Ballets, Creativesources Records, 2006.
Picchio Dal Pozzo: Abbiamo Tutti I Suoi Problemi, ReR Megacorp, 2006.
Hail: Hello Debris, ReR Megacorp 2006.
Hamster Theatre: The Public Execution Of Mr. Personality / Quasi Day Room, Cuneiform Records 2006.
The Rude Staircase: Sookie Jump, What Delicate Recordings 2007.
Vialka: Plus Vite que la Musique, VIA, 2007.
Condor Moments: "And Though We're Told We've Got It All, The All We've Got Is Freezing Cold", What Delicate Recordings 2007.
Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp: Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp, Strabique 2007.
The Peeesseye: Mayhem In The Mansion, Shivers In The Shack, Evolving Ear 2007.
Max Der Zinger: Acoustique, 2007.
Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer: Cold Peace Counterpoints, ReR Megacorp 2008.
What's Wrong With Us? Cat's Claw, Urgence Disk, 2008.
Stinky Lou and the Goon Mat: 12 Roots and Boogie Blues Hits, Voodoo Rhythm 2008. (Fun album but someone else re-mastered it volume-war style)
Mama Rosin: Tu as Perdu Ton Chemin, Voodoo Rhythm 2008
Zeno Tornado: Ramblin' Man, Voodoo Rhythm 2008 (great album, great mix but unnecessarily remastered by someone else. )
The Brainville Trio: Trial By Headline, ReR Megacorp 2008.
Delaney Davidson: Ghost Songs, 2008
Henry Cow: 40th Anniversary Box Set, ReR Megacorp 2009.
Vialka: Succès Planétaire International, Dual Plover 2009.
3Six9: Trip Down South, RHR Records, 2010.
Vialka: La Poursuite de l'Excellence, 2011
Planeta Imaginario: Optical Delusions, Cuneiform 2011.