Bob Drake: "Bob's Drive-In" 
2011 ReR Megacorp

One of the main ideas for this album was to temporarily satisfy my desire to make very short songs. Not to "end a song before you get into it" as some have suggested, rather to see how small I could make them while keeping nice proportions and a satisfying shape. The album ended up with fifty-two tracks adding up to forty minutes, with many songs under thirty seconds duration and the occasional piece of two or three minutes. Includes several banjo-based songs (my first) and lyrically follows the path which became clear on "The Skull Mailbox and Other Horrors", taking it a bit farther... It has a fat 24 page booklet full of beautiful paintings by Ray O'Bannon, including the cover below.

Two-minute excerpt #1: 5 complete songs.
Two-minute excerpt #2: 3 complete songs.

BD: All instruments and vocals. (Acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, bass guitar, organ, violin, drums and trash, engineering.)