Bob Drake: "Bob's Drive-In" 
2011 ReR Megacorp
Also available in N America from Wayside Music

My 7th album. It has two sections: part 1 is me performing 14 new songs by myself, playing all the instruments and singing as usual, and using in general a deliberately simpler production than the previous few albums...though it does get a bit dense here and there too! Part 2 consists of 11 of the same songs re-arranged by a band: me on guitar and vocal, David Kerman on drums, David Campbell on bass and Kavus Torabi on guitar, and recorded live at a show in front of an audience of friends. Lots of info in the booklet too. Cover art by cartoonist and animator Mike Kazaleh.

Recreational Guide to the Solar System (BD solo version):
Recreational Guide to the Solar System (live version):