Bob Drake: "Medallion Animal Carpet" 
1998 ReR Megacorp
Also available in N America from Wayside Music

The overall production on this one is generally noisy and rough. Consisting of three parts, the approach for Part 1 was to come up many unrelated fragments and songs and crudely edit them together into one extended chunk. Lyric ideas were derived by using a random text generator and the vocals are often very low in the mix or otherwise distorted. As usual it's me playing and singing everything but there are a few guest appearances including drummer Chris Cutler, keyboardist Stevan Tickmayer, Mark Fuller and Mark McCoin - both great percussionists who have appeared on various Thinking Plague albums, and a few lines of saxophone here and there by Jason DuMars. Part 2 is a chaotic medley of rockin' country/cajun-style songs, some original and some old classics, performed by myself and recorded using one very overloaded stereo microphone, always left in the same position for each overdub, as if I were a live band. The kind of wild, ecstatic mess I really enjoy! Part 3 is simply one short song by Tim Gadd, on which he sings and plays acoustic guitar with me as the backup band/singers.

Concrete Husky(from Part 1):

Crude Internal Organ/Detrimental Robot (from Part 1):

7 Cents (from Part 2: