Bob Drake: "13 Songs and a Thing"
2003 ReR Megacorp
Also available in N America from Wayside Music

As the title suggests it has indeed 13 songs, including my intepretation of a Stevan Tickmayer composition, a cover of some music from The Outer Limits, as well as a 12-minute long... thing constructed from hundreds of old cassette recordings I'd been making since the late 60's. Many of the songs are instrumental, and there are some guests: Olivier Tejedor of NeBeLNeST plays Mellotron on one song, Sharon Bradford, singer on the first album by Thinking Plague plays her...shall we say..."inimitable" percussion on another, Dick El Demasiado wrote a few lines of text and sings them in Spanish and Fred Hess plays some great saxophone on another. Otherwise as usual it's me playing and singing...

Abandoned Thermal Establishment Blues: