News as of 09/27/2020 -
On December 6, the first 50 orders at for my Planets and Animals CD will also recieve one of these roughly A5-sized pictures which I've made over the past few days, using spray paints, hand-cut stencils, and found objects. Each one is unique, here are a few examples: (click for bigger view)
News as of 09/22/2020 - Two songs from my new album:
Here's the video in which our host plays two songs for you.
News as of 23/10/2020. About the new album Planets and Animals:
It's finished, and will be released 6 December by Recommended Records. Once the momentous day arrives, the CD will be available directly from Recommended as well as your favourite local distributor of ReR titles, download/streaming version will be on my personal Bandcamp page. The beautiful cover art and design is once again by Joe Mruk. I will post some songs from it once the release date draws nigh.

Writing for this album started in Summer 2019, recording began in early January 2020. Aiming for a garage-ey, rockin' sort of album, energetic, scintillating, and uplfiting, I think it worked! A few friends who have heard it and commented upon it used the word "psychedelic", which is fine by me, because: psyche = "the soul or spirit", delos = "to become clear or visible". That sounds like "music" to me!

Recording began before the covid pandemic, and as the madness of current events accelerated throughout the Summer, especially in the USA, it all made me even more determined to try to make an energetic, uplifting album, and I sincerely hope that after Nov 3, things will begin to take a turn for the better, and, that in any case, the music will help bring some happiness and joy, and a touch of the wild mysterious Universe we're part of.

For those interested in such details - I used a standard drumkit on only 2 of the album's 14 songs, on all the rest I used a cardboard box (now severely battered!) for the bassdrum, an upside-down metal rubbish bin lid with various bits of junk on it as a snare, and whatever bucket or can was near at hand if I wanted a tom. In the end it pretty much just sounds like regular drums...though I am sure it added to the energy of the tracks, because it can be a very amusing struggle to play those bits of trash as they keep trying to fall over, break, or move further away every time they're struck. I even used the old, broken "Skull Mailbox" classical guitar as a percussion item on the opening song, it makes a great "conga"!

And what else:
Over the past few years, I have been mastering and occasionally mixing many albums for the Italian label Angelica, one of the recent ones and a personal favourite of mine is this fantastic Cecil Taylor concert and interview. Highly recommended!

A pal asked me to sing the first part of his new song, and to trade guitar solos at the end, naturally I complied. In the solos section, he goes first and I follow. It's here on his Bandcamp page.

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